Complete Counter Knife Tactical Defense Flexible Response


Course Description

The Mixed Defensive Tactics Street Combat (MDTSC) system combines the best of a wide variety of ancient and modern styles into a highly superior counter knife tactical defense and response system.

These flexible tactics are rapidly retained and mastered, because they build on the best instincts, training, and experience of the participants and incorporate natural human bio-mechanical and gross motor skill movements. The methods, techniques and skills are comprehensive, practical, and effective defending against a wide variety of edged weapon attacks.

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Mixed Defensive Tactics
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 6 reviews
by Jack Jarrett on Mixed Defensive Tactics

This looks like an awesome Rescue tool I would really like to try this out maybe I will order one of these amazing tools Rescue tool

by Raul Lopez on Mixed Defensive Tactics

Both products and courses are the best quality and have proven effective, I can speak from the point of view of a martial artist and also from a survival perspective ,this is the most versatile tool ever in my hands useful for more than the manual might say , you can use it everywhere outdoors or at home and also in any kind of combat ,against stronger opponent .
This is an amazing tool. Thank you master Shuki Drai

by Moti Horenstein on Mixed Defensive Tactics

Best ever survival tool I do everything with it
I am in the airport right now just past TSA security no question
I am in WOW
Thank you Shuki for one more great design

by Wayne Black on Mixed Defensive Tactics

The SRT is a great tool. I fly with it in carry on luggage and it remains in my pocket after security checkpoints. A must for EP, LE and Fire.
Congrats on a winner!

by Garret on Mixed Defensive Tactics

I travel for work every week. Yes every week two flights and I am without any means on or about my person for Any relevant situation. I relied on my environment until now. I traveled with the SRT multiple times through airport security and each time it was examined and deemed acceptable for air travel as a carry on item and was TSA compliant. Now I have one go-to for each trip I take, the SRT. I hope I never have to use it, but I am happy I have it.

by Brian Anderson on Mixed Defensive Tactics

The SRT is a great utility tool for Fire Rescue and EMS personnel. Two functions of this tool are very important when time is critical. First, the ability to break tempered glass quickly and easily can eliminate a common problem when performing vehicle rescues. Spinning the tool with the rescuer's finger inserted in the bottle opener portion of the tool creates significant force that is concentrated in the two glass breaker points. This procedure is very effective. The second big feature of the tool is the ability to turn on a portable oxygen cylinder. This feature is significant because every so often the handle that is a part of an oxygen regulator set is misplaced, resulting in a delay in applying oxygen to the patient. Having a SRT in your uniform pocket can make a big difference when time is critical in rescue or medical incidents.