Survival Rescue Tool
An Effective and Versatile Tool for every day needs

The S.R.T.® is the latest addition to the Shuki line of high quality patented specialty equipment. This efficiently sized tool is a unique, ergonomically engineered implement different than anything else on the market. In one design, it simultaneously encompasses survival, self-defense, rescue and multi-tool functions and has many unique dual features (such as the ability to break glass two different ways).

1. Hammer Strike Glass Break

The Single Point Glass Breaking Prong is highly effective with a hammer fist grip (over the ergonomically sized and shaped length of the tool) and allows an effective strike and break on a variety of glass surfaces. For example, to break the window of an automobile in a rescue scenario or if your car is sinking in water to break a window in order to escape. In a self defense application this pointed prong is capable of applying significant pressure point force to ensure compliance or stop an attacker.

2. Oxygen Valve Opener

Heavy duty metal Oxygen Wrench (O2 Valve Opener) for most portable oxygen cylinders (C, D, E) types as used on ambulances, in aviation and for other applications. Capable of high torque and withstands extreme temperature variations. This features allows a first responder or layman the ability to quickly access life saving oxygen.

3. Wire Stripper

The Wire Stripper forms a unique narrow V shape and is capable of quickly stripping electrical wires or with a twist, pulling wire or cable.

4. Gradual Hex Driver

Gradual Hex Wrench functions as a wrench for sizes 1/2, 3/8, 5/16, 1/4, or 3/16 inch. Capable of high torque on a variety of nuts, hex bolts and hex head screws to repair a bike or other equipment in a moment of need.

5. 1/4" Nut Wrench

The ¼” Inch Nut Wrench is capable of a tight 360 degree fit and high torque on a variety of ¼” inch nuts, hex bolts and hex head screws as needed.

6. Self-Defense

The Top Hammer is a flat hammer surface for impacting objects and can be used to strike an attacker or apply controlling pressure. The Perimeter Groves go around the entire tool to improve the grip with a variety of hand orientations and also to increase the effectiveness of self-defense hooking and finger catching techniques. The Bottom Hammer is a curved hammer surface for impacting objects and can be used to strike an attacker or apply controlling pressure.

7. Bottle Opener

The convenient heavy duty Bottle Cap Opener can be easily used with a strong grip on the grooved handle of this tool.

8. Seat Belt Cutter

The Seat Belt Cutter functions extremely well for a car rescue with a strong one handed grip and allows a professional rescuer or a layman to reach in and achieve fast and safe seat belt cutting. In addition, the protected cutting blade can be used to cut flex cuffs, clothing (in a medical emergency), individual pockets (for lawful searches) and anything that requires a sharp edge to cut.

9. Ruler

The handy Metric and English Ruler is convenient for quick measuring jobs.

10. Gripper

The Gripper allows for threading rope/cable through and either wrapping around the tool or twisting the tool to create friction and drag to facilitate rope/cable gripping. The tool then acts as a handle to pull with a strong grip and greater force on a rope/cable to perform a task or rescue.

11. Box Cutter

The Box Cutter for cutting packing tape and opening boxes without using a sharp blade that can damage the contents.

12. Kinetic Spin Glass Breaker

The Double Pronged Glass Breaker is highly effective when used with the kinetic spin application to break glass. When using the Double Pronged Glass Breaker with your index finger in the circle and a flip of the wrist (this creates the kinetic spin action), a high speed impact is achieved with the Double Prong Glass Breaker.

13. Nail Puller

The Nail Puller is a two pronged extension with a slanted side that allows you to wedge and slide the prongs under a nail or staple and twist up with a good grip on the tool handle for easy and safe removal.

14. Flat Head Screwdriver

The Flat Head Screw Driver function is the flat edge of the two prongs which are correctly sized to turn a variety of small flat head screws.

Additional Features:

The Clip

The Clip is suitable for securing the S.R.T. Shuki IV to interior or exterior pockets, bags/back packs, or a rescue vest. Provides a secure method of keeping the tool readily accessible for any possible need.

Thumb Grip

The Thumb Grip is a grooved and slightly curved portion of the tool which is a perfect resting place for the thumb when performing various functions and can also be used as a hooking mechanism or finger manipulation control area for trapping an attacker’s fingers or applying pressure when compliance is necessary.

The Circle

The Circle is a round opening in the bottom of the tool with multiple purposes. When using the Double Prong Glass Breaker with a kinetic spin action, normally the index finger goes though the hole and with a flip of your wrist a high speed impact is achieved with the Double Prong Glass Breaker. Additionally, the tool could be attached with a cord or key chain ring through the circle. The self defense applications for the Circle include finger locks and finger control options.

Hook Curve

The Hook Curved Area is grooved and significantly curved for optimum hooking in a rescue or self defense applications. The hook could pull clothing, back packs or belts to help pull and rescue someone from a hazardous situation. Additionally, this curved portion can easily hook on the wrist or hand areas of an attacker for trapping, pulling and controlling, as necessary. This curve also serves to backstop your fingers and improve the stability of your grip on the tool.

Windlass for Tourniquet

The ability to use as a securable Windlass for a Tourniquet. Using any of the two openings/cavities, the device can be used as a Windlass Rod for a Tourniquet using a strap or binding cord and the hook curve and the clip can be used to secure the tourniquet once the twisting action is complete.

Curved Back

The gently Curved Back section of the tool is ergonomically designed to fit the palm of the user’s hand with grooves for increased control and grip stability.

“The user who keeps this tool readily available can select whichever grip, feature and action is most appropriate and effective to mitigate and/or contain a threat.”

The S.R.T.® is designed to fit securely in your hand and perform a wide variety of diverse and complex tasks with excellent leverage. You can take this compact tool with you anywhere, because it can be hooked on your belt, placed on your key chain or secured in many ways and it looks somewhat like a fancy bottle cap opener. However, this distinctly engineered tool helps you do whatever particular task might be necessary in a moment of crisis or need.

The special features and ergonomic design allow for simultaneous functioning in multiple capacities: as a means of survival, in a self-defense situation, as a rescue facilitator and as a multi-tool for various basic tasks. The fundamental survival and self-defense design features are inherent in the design and allow for an incredibly effective variety of dominant self-defense actions and methods. Specific threat management techniques such as striking, joint manipulation and pressure point application are built into this tool and can be effectively used by laymen and professionals alike.

Every component allows for different bio-mechanical hooks, traps, pressure points, grips, blocks and strikes. The user who keeps this tool readily available can select whichever grip, feature and action is most appropriate and effective to mitigate and/or contain a threat. In addition, the essential rescue utilities embedded in the design allow for key lifesaving actions using exclusive mechanisms also facilitated by the synergetic design. Some examples are the dual glass breaking features (either via the kinetic spin application of the double prong or the direct force breaking using the single prong), the secure single hand seat belt cutting, the ability to use as a securable windlass for a tourniquet and the rescue hooking/pulling capabilities.

Finally, the multi-tool components allow for quick access to a variety of well-placed traditional tool options with design consideration for proper leverage and control, from opening a bottle cap to tightening a bolt. It’s great for quickly and easily accomplishing everyday tasks. In summary, you’ll want to take your new S.R.T ® tool with you everywhere, so you can save the day, either by quickly completing a home project or by adeptly handling a more dire circumstance.

S.R.T.® MSRP $99.99 Get yours now for only $64.99

Shuki DraiInventor:
Shuki Drai, has more than 26 years of Martial Arts, Personal/VIP Security, Military and Tactical experience. He has studied and trained with masters from several martial arts fields using a wide variety of weapons. His training and expertise earned him 2010 Senior Tactical Instructor Close Quarters Combat, 2017 Master Rank Honor from the World Head of Sokeship Council Hall of Fame, the WOMA Sports Award from Special Office for Martial Arts and a Doctorate Degree of Philosophy in Martial Arts & Sciences from the International University of Martial Arts Sciences. His creativity comes out in his unique inventions and designs many of which are patented and in use around the world today. He is the founder of Mixed Defensive Tactics Street Combat (MDT/SC) specializing in teaching military, law enforcement and security related tactical responses and skills. He is an ‘in demand’ seminar leader, working with many Law Enforcement Departments, State and Government Agencies (of the United States and of friendly/allied Countries), Fortune 500 Companies, the Military and Security Agencies.

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by Jack Jarrett on Mixed Defensive Tactics

This looks like an awesome Rescue tool I would really like to try this out maybe I will order one of these amazing tools Rescue tool

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by Jack Jarrett on Mixed Defensive Tactics

This looks like an awesome Rescue tool I would really like to try this out maybe I will order one of these amazing tools Rescue tool

by Raul Lopez on Mixed Defensive Tactics

Both products and courses are the best quality and have proven effective, I can speak from the point of view of a martial artist and also from a survival perspective ,this is the most versatile tool ever in my hands useful for more than the manual might say , you can use it everywhere outdoors or at home and also in any kind of combat ,against stronger opponent .
This is an amazing tool. Thank you master Shuki Drai

by Moti Horenstein on Mixed Defensive Tactics

Best ever survival tool I do everything with it
I am in the airport right now just past TSA security no question
I am in WOW
Thank you Shuki for one more great design

by Wayne Black on Mixed Defensive Tactics

The SRT is a great tool. I fly with it in carry on luggage and it remains in my pocket after security checkpoints. A must for EP, LE and Fire.
Congrats on a winner!

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