Possibly the most Effective and Versatile Edged Tool ever created.


The patented design was conceived by Shuki Drai, a dedicated knife practitioner and self-defense instructor. The S18 Shuki III Knife is a unique multipurpose tool providing a multitude of superior tactical and functional advantages.

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This superbly formed instrument is intended for soldiers, law enforcement officers, security personnel and private individuals for self-defense and survival. The design features allow you to perform many functions with exceptional leverage and effect. The curve of the blade is optimized for maximum sustained contact and cutting and also weighted and sharp enough to chop wood.

The multiple thumb rises and guard peaks can be used to strike, pressure, or disarm. They also provide superior protection, retention, grip options and different finger placement points for powerful or fine precision cutting. The extensive top and bottom teeth allow for gripping, trapping, hooking, and joint manipulation. The handle is shaped with finger grooves and spaced sections of teeth for an exceptionally secure grip. The bow of the spine forms a tight anatomical fit for superior hooking and passing. The heel has a retention strap capability and is also designed for striking and controlling.

Thickness: 3/16″
Colors Available: Black Handle on Matte Black Blade | Coyote Handle on Stone Wash Blade
Handle Specifications: G 10 5.6mm
Blade Material: Stainless Steel
Blade Size: 6.5″
Overall Length: 12.5″
Tactical Holster Material: 600 D Polyester

Shuki-Drai-s18-bioShuki Drai, the designer, has more than 26 years of Martial Arts, Personal/VIP Security, Military and Tactical experience. He has studied and trained with masters from several martial arts fields using a wide variety of weapons. His training and expertise earned him the 2010 Senior Tactical Instructor CQC Honor from the World Head of Sokeship Council Hall of Fame, the WOMA Sports Award from Special Office for Martial Arts and Doctorate Degree of Philosophy in Martial Arts & Sciences from the International University of Martial Arts Sciences. He is the founder of Mixed Defensive Tactics Street Combat (MDT/SC) specializing in teaching military, law enforcement and security related tactical responses and skills.

He is an ‘in demand’ seminar leader, working with many Law Enforcement Departments, State and Government Agencies (both of the USA and those abroad), Fortune 500 Companies, Military and Security Agencies. His focus remains to provide the best methods and means for handling demanding and life threatening challenges. Shuki Drai, using basic principles of physics and anatomy, has combined common geometric shapes to make the S18 Shuki III Knife the next step in the advancement of tactics, techniques and capabilities in a knife.

Historically, knives were humankind’s first and most effective survival tool and crucial to the advancement of civilization and technology. Today, in our complex modern world, this superbly designed knife can be the key to your success in any number of high threat scenarios.

The S18 SHUKI III Knife will be one of your most reliable, useful and appreciated possessions for many years.