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 by G Gomez on Mixed Defensive Tactics

Working in law enforcement for over 20 years, this is a must have for your gear. It can break a window easily and cut a seatbelt with ease. This needs to be in every car on the road and not just for police cars. It is a practical, light weight tool that can defend you if needed. A tool like this needs to be kept close.

“It is best to be prepared than swift afterwards”

 by Ray Melcon on Mixed Defensive Tactics

I’m a retired Police Commander with over 40 years of experience in all things tactical. I spent 20 of those years in our prestigious Miami Dade Special Response Team. I thought there was not much left to learn until I had the privilege of training with Sensei Shuki Drai. His approach to using tools to force multiply hand to hand skills is unprecedented. His S.R.T. is a compact, streamlined and ingenious device that offers multiple life saving benefits. It is non-lethal but quite effective at both controlling an adversary or getting you out of dangerous spot. It is a warriors modern day “Swiss Army Knife”. The S.R.T. ultimately allows a user to develop skills that seamlessly translate to unarmed and armed combat yet can easily be concealed and carried on a daily basis. I don’t go anywhere without it.

 by Moti Horenstein on Mixed Defensive Tactics

I am martial artist all my life love this Tool For all the reason that’s it’s stand for as Survival Tool

And then some more 🙂

Going any ware with it any ware

So manny of my student get it all over the world!

 by Carlos Suarez on Mixed Defensive Tactics

The S.R.T is one amazing and very practical tool, the way is design makes easier to carried around, its multiple uses makes very unique.

Defiantly an equalizer for many situations.

 by Julio Pinera on Mixed Defensive Tactics

I was a bit skeptical about the tool because it lacked the name of the most common manufacturers of this type of equipment. As i became more familiar with the SRT and actually bought and handled one, I realized how powerful it can be. The fit in the hand is almost perfect and the SRT is easy to conceal in the hand. For those who have experience in high end dignitary or executive protection, you will understand how important it is to have the ability to execute discreet,but powerful strikes in very close quarters.

As a control weapon, the SRT offers the ability to apply pain compliance techniques with minimal training.

Excellent overall tool that becomes even more effective if you take the training.

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